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Nikon FE2, Kodiang 2009


I can't afford this camera when it came out but managed to get my hand on it after some online negotiation some years back. It came with beautiful 50mm f/1.8 E Series which can be seen with my D80 rather frequently including the one that was used for this shot. I like the convenience and reliabality of the metering rather than slow led. The batteries last a very long time so I wasn't actually worried about the electronics not being able to function. I have shot many rolls with it and I love the sound of the shutter. This one comes with honeycomb titanium in pristine condition.


My Nikon FE2 Specification

  • Type of camera 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Manual focus, electronically controlled focal plane shutter.
  • Usable film Any cartridge type 35mm film except APS.
  • Lens mount Nikon bayonet
  • Lens usable AI'd/ AI / AIS / AF / AFS
  • Lens not usable Non-AI (Requires AI modification) - Fisheye 6mm/5.6 (Requires MLU) - Fisheye 10mm/5.6 OP (Requires MLU) - PC-Nikkor 28/4 below ser.# 180901- PC-Nikkor 35/2.8 ser. # between 851000-906201 - Reflex Nikkor 1000mm/11 ser. # between 142361-1430000 - Reflex Nikkor 2000mm/11 ser. # below 200311- Zoom Nikkor 200-600mm/9.5 ser. # below 300491- Zoom Nikkor ED 180-600mm/8 ser. # below 174167 - Zoom Nikkor ED 360-1200mm/11 ser. # below 174088 - Focusing unit AU-1 Note: PC-Nikkors, Reflex Nikkors and Zoom Nikkors listed hit meter's coupling lever.
  • Shutter Electronically controlled vertical travel, metal focal plane with titanium curtains. Shutter release accepts AR-3 screw type cable release. Pressing lightly on the shutter release activates metering circuit, the meter remains on for approx. 16 sec. after removing your finger and then shuts off automatically.
  • Shutter speeds Stepless from 8 sec. to 1/4000 sec. on Auto (Aperture priority) mode; 16 speeds from 8 sec. to 1/4000 sec. on Manual mode; mechanical 1/250 sec at M250 (mechanical shutter setting, no battery required) setting and long exposure on B setting.


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