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Nikon FM2N, Jitra 2009

I don’t really fancy asking favors from people but it is not always avoidable. Even though I’m aware that it’s not their obligation to fulfill my request, I am still disturbed with the negative responses. It is like begging for mercy.

The same goes with operating digital camera or automatic genre. You are begging the processors to do all the calculations for you so that you can concentrate on composition. If the battery fails or the chips went bonkers, you are left with no mercy. There are too many reasons on why I chose Nikon FM2 (or my trustworthy Olympus OM-1). I can shoot all day and night from the Arctic to Sahara . A couple of batteries will last me years and even if they went dead, I can still rely on the Sunny16 rules as long as I have films in my pocket. Not to mention the synchronization flash speed of 1/250s (my D80 is a step backward with1/200s) and a really fast shutter of 1/4000s. The metal felt good in my hand and the solid metal gives me confidence of its reliability. Now with the newly acquired Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 excellent optics, it can only get better. As my own style of photography slowly evolved, at last I knew what I needed. Being purely mechanical, and one of the most reliable cameras Nikon has ever made, its small size means that you can carry everywhere and in action. Shooting is fun again and I am looking forward to explore more with this wide optics.


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